About Insight

About Insight

What is Insight?

The evolution of treatment services in Manatee County began in 1985 with volunteer professionals who realized the importance of follow-up services for youth with offending history who were re-integrating back into the community from residential treatment. Outpatient treatment services in Sarasota County soon followed. Since then, research and outcomes in the field have led to a diversified approach of treating youth in the community. It has been proven that children and youth who can be treated in an outpatient setting with proper supervision have better results in overcoming their sexually abusive behavior. Healthy social skills do not develop thoroughly in residential treatment where patients are cut off from family and the community.

Insight Counseling Services

Insight Counseling Services, which was founded in 2000, has continued to address this specialized need in the community by providing treatment to children and adolescents through highly trained staff and a specialized treatment protocol. The program has a comprehensive approach which focuses on all aspects of the youth’s development, including cognitive and educational aspects as well as social, familial and cultural impacts. With this approach, Insight is impacting positive change in the youth’s over-all behavior, not just sexual misconduct or abuse. Insight Counseling partners with community agencies, schools and law enforcement to ensure that treated youth never return to a life of abusing others. Additionally, training is available to other organizations to help promote education and break the barrier of myths and misinformation with sexual offending juveniles.