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Our Services

SOAR Program

The Sexual Offense and Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SOAR) serves children and adolescents in Manatee County from the age of five to eighteen who have engaged in sexual misconduct or sexually abusive behaviors. In Sarasota County, SOAR serves adolescents from the age of thirteen to eighteen. The program also addresses the sexual victimization of the sexually abusive youth. Services include individual, family and group counseling as frequently as three times per week depending upon individualized needs. Family support groups are also provided once monthly. Treatment is based on cognitive behavioral therapy with a strong emphasis in social skills, anger regression techniques and empathy enhancement. The SOAR Program partners with other community resources to provide effective treatment while ensuring public safety.

Learning key concepts of treatment is essential for youth success. Therefore, at the end of each phase of treatment each youth will pass a competency exam with at least an 80% in the first phase; 85% in the second phased; 90% in the third phase and 95% in the final phase of treatment.

Our long term goal is to increase community safety and strengthen families by treating abusive juvenile behavior and changing the lives of troubled youth. Our goal is to reduce sexual crimes and prevent sexual abuse by rehabilitating sexually abusive youth, while reducing general delinquency of juveniles. The program is entering its 13th year in the community and has an outstanding 98% success rate over the past six years in Sarasota and Manatee counties. This means that only 2 youth who completed the program in its entirety have re-entered the legal system for a sexual crime. Additionally, 84% of our successful completers between 2006 and 2011 have not received any new delinquency charges.