All successful completers of our program are given Client Satisfaction Surveys to rate the  SOAR Program on how well the counseling helped the client and their family, how satisfied they were with the program and how they would rate the program overall.  One hundred percent of our surveys have been positive with excellent or above average scores.  Clients are also asked to describe what they liked the most or felt was most helpful during counseling.

Here are a few of the client/parent testimonials:

“It is not just what helped him during counseling, but everything that he learned, that will help him through life.  I believe he will be a better man and one day a good husband from everything he learned.”

“He learned how to get boundaries in all of his relationships.  Dr. Lisa’s approach to creating emotional safety for my son was key.”

“I could see a continuous improvement in his behavior, especially in dealing with his anger and his ability to solve problems on his own and talking about them to me.”

” My children learned how to heal and overcome from their offenses and make better choices and also myself as a parent.”